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Scatterlings of Africa

Peter Davies

© Peter Davies 2006


Former Rhodesia citizen and part-time soldier turned author Peter Davies brings his knowledge of that terrible period of war and rebellion into focus with his novel “Scatterlings of Africa”. It is a gripping suspense filled story with everything from war, and carnage to love and romance. The writing is absolutely top notch. Davies captures the reader with a well-constructed plot, great characters and with just enough dialogs to add to the great narrative. The book is riveting and shows all the hatred and anger of that time and place. The book may not be politically correct at times but it fits well with what the author is trying to convey to his readers. The book will keep you reading late into the night until you finish it. It is highly charged with lots of action but the issues about relationships and other personal things bring us a stronger and a more profound look at the people in his book. The story is easy to read physically but emotionally it may stay with you long after putting down this book.”

Bill McDonald, This is an American Authors Association's FIVE STAR Rated Book! A must read for those who love adventure and suspense novels.

Scatterlings of Africa is very well written, and contains some very disturbing themes, themes that ring so true in the world today. There are two quotes in the book that I found very profound, “The terrorists won” and “They became the scatterlings of Africa ”. This is not the usual ‘run of the mill' novel; it is something that has a power behind it.

Simon Barrett, Blogger NewsBook Review

Love, romance, obsession, hate, evil and suspense are all elements of Peter Davies superbly written novel, The Scatterlings of Africa. The author has carefully crafted his characters and scenes to allow his readers to know and care about them and in doing so draw his audience to understand his message about the cruelty and many times unjust nature of civil war. Based in the 1970s, the story rings true to those who experienced the news of turmoil in Africa and like any good historical fiction leaves the reader unknowing where fact leaves to fiction. While reading the story, it made me wonder if the characters were truly fictional or perhaps composites of people the author knew. I highly recommend the book. It caught my attention very quickly and kept it to the end. Well Done.

Tami Brady, Calgary Canada

Peter Davies writes with depth and clarity on the conflict which tore this once prosperous and gracious country apart. His knowledge and use of local language and traditions adds drama and reality to the fast paced story. His is obviously the voice of a seasoned veteran whose spell binding descriptions of the smells, sights and sounds makes this a riveting page turner that brings the African bush alive for readers. This is not a politically correct tale and he will not earn accolades from the ruling regime, however, it is based on reality and it has earned a permanent place in my library. It will no doubt be brought out and reread time and again and will not fail to bring the feelings of loss that are felt by all Scatterlings of Africa. A masterpiece of story telling in the tradition of Wilbur Smith.

J. O'Neill, California

Peter Davies' “…writing style comes across as a fusion of Wilbur Smith and Chris Ryan; the love of Africa and it's people combined with the gritty reality of terrorism. The overriding feeling I got after reading Scatterlings is that this could be a true story...”

Matt Bowser, webmaster of the Wilbur Smith Discussion Forum

Scatterlings of Africa Scatterlings of Africa Scatterlings of Africa Scatterlings of Africa