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Scatterlings of Africa

Peter Davies

© Peter Davies 2006

Scatterlings of Africa

A "compelling, high-octane novel of racial, tribal and ideological conflict" Scatterlings of Africa is a fast-paced thriller, set in Rhodesia's war against terror. Rhodesia became Zimbabwe in 1980.

It's December 1972 and Lieutenant Ron Cartwright is obsessed with defending his country against insurgents in a vicious civil war. Comrade Gadziwa is equally determined to win the fight for Zimbabwe to be restored to his people. While abduction, intimidation, torture and worse are going on in the war zone, the cities, towns and many farms remain safe, idyllic havens where Ron's wife Angela and their young children live in relative comfort. But the stress of their separate lives is taking its toll, and the arrival of Angie's cousin Mark, who she hasn't seen since she was a child, adds fuel to an already tense situation. The tentacles of war spread, plots cross, and life will never be the same again...

“Peter's writing comes across as a fusion of Wilbur Smith and Chris Ryan; the love of Africa combined with the gritty reality of terrorism.  The overriding feeling I got after reading Scatterlings of Africa is that this could be a true story…” Wilbur Smith Forum Webmaster, Matt Bowser

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Scatterlings of Africa Scatterlings of AfricaScatterlings of AfricaScatterlings of Africa